Learning to Create Original Dubstep Tracks

Due to the ever-growing popularity of the genre, working DJs, professional producers and amateurs alike, are all seeking information on producing their own dubstep tracks.

Dubstep is now being produced on a highly commercial scale, and none more commercial than Britney Spears “Till The World Ends” where the greater portion of the track was produced by industry superstar Rusko. This track has had a massive success in the USA and back a little closer to home and the origins the genre, Benga’s tracks are also on regular rotation with commercial radio in Katy B’s “On A Mission”.

Suitable Dubstep Software:

These tracks and all the others that you know, did have the female vocals recorded in a fully kitted, professional music studio, but the fact remains the the actual music is produced within a simple sequencing program, with no hardware required.

So in order to create Dubstep beats, you do need a suitable program, though even the most experienced engineers have some confusion over what software is most suitable.

Please be aware the your choice will most likely depend on two elements: The amount of disposable funds you have to spend and most importantly, your existing level of knowledge and experience with digital sequencing software. Carefully read the advice below prior to making your choice.

Here we have provided some basic information to allow you to make an informed decision about which software is right for you, with the most pertinent aspects given scores out of 10.


First Choice: BTV SOLO

BTV Solo has fast become one of the highest selling music applications, and for good reasons. It’s amazingly easy to operate interface and great range of standard, built-in sounds and samples renders it to be popular choice. Get It Here

For those with zero to intermediate experience, this is definitely the best program for you. Download the program and all the sound kits straight from the official website to commence producing original music immediately.

Some specialist music creation suites (see below) are made for Mac only. This program is available in both PC and Mac versions, so there is no restrictions on your operating system.

Bounce out your completed session to a high quality MP3 (or equivalent) and start mixing your new tracks into your live sets straight away – A highly efficient process overall.

Base Price: $29.95
Minimum Skill Level Required: None

Value For Money: 10/10
Sound Quality: 9/10
Ease Of Use: 10/10
Platform Capabilities: 8/10
Instructions/Support: 10/10




Second Choice:  LOGIC STUDIO

With the exception of perhaps the money-spinning, comprehensive studio applications made by Avid Protools, Logic Studio is engaged by many professional DJs and recording engineers.

This MAC-only application is a complete studio suite capable of not only sequencing some amazing digital dance genres, though can do all live instruments, including vocals, on a world class level.

Yes it is true the some of the biggest name Dubstep DJs do use Logic Plugins to add certain elements to their tracks, but the bottom line is, that the sequencing and usually the completed song is made in the most basic of platforms.  This software is very difficult to use and does require much experience in engineering, though the results will speak for themselves, should you spend the money and take the time to learn how to use it properly.

Base Price: $449.00
Minimum Skill Level Required: Extensive

Value For Money: 8/10
Sound Quality: 9/10
Ease Of Use: 5/10
Platform Capabilities: 10/10
Instructions/Support: 5/10


Third Choice:  ABLETON LIVE

So we have established that there are a variety of other programs out there that are utilized to generate Dubstep music. In fact, I question whether anyone at all is actually using Ableton for this genre, as it has been surpassed by other, more capable programs as detailed above.

However, the beauty is that there are some crazy sounding plug-ins available for this program and it is overall a very diverse piece of software. It does not have the compatibilities of incorporating live instruments as well as Logic can, but some wicked hip hop and other dance tracks have been produced in this platform alone.

And yes, there are both PC and Mac versions available.

Base Price: $499.00
Minimum Skill Level Required: Medium To High

Value For Money: 6/10
Sound Quality: 9/10
Ease Of Use: 16/10
Platform Capabilities: 8/10
Instructions/Support: 8/10

The Down-Low:

Further to the above, if you are looking to get started in producing your own original tracks, then the obvious choice is going to be the first one. Visit the official Dubturbo website by Clicking here

If you have some good experience and want to step it up a notch, get on Logic Studio. If you don’t own a Mac and you are serious about making music for a living, it is highly recommended that you get one.

Any of these products are capable of creating awesome tunes, it’s just up to you select your game plan.


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Seamless Live Mixing With Serato Scratch

Serato Scratch Live is fast becoming the application of choice for live DJs, who want a reliable and user-friendly system. Complete with the software and interface for your turntables, this really is the best option for all you Dubstep DJs.

To know more about the functioning of Serato Scratch Live I downloaded the trail version of this software because everyone on the internet had said that this software is the best one for a DJ. This music software is used along with Rane hardware. How to increase your creativity by using this software was shown in the video. The video also showed how a DJ can use its advanced features with ease.

Creating music on the PC is possible through Serato Scratch Live software with the help of Rane interface and mixers. With the help of CD, MIDI, USB or Vinyl controllers it is possible to control music on the PC.

With the help of high performance tools in this software you can make mind blowing music. With the help of Rane hardware you can use 2, 3 or 4 decks.
Advanced Serato NoiseMap technology in Serato Scratch Live provides awesome tracking system. A DJ can do quick mixing with the help of advanced visual feedback.

As a DJ you can increase your creative level by using options like keylock, DJ FX, looping, sample player, SP3 and cueing. Browsing of library is possible with the use of multiple display modes. All MIDI controllers in this music software get native support.

It is possible to export playlist online in this software and you can even track play log information and history. File management is smooth in this software through smart crates. Migration of all files and iTunes playlist is possible with this software.

With this software you get latest promotional music from ‘whitelabel.net’ and also free software updates. Video mixing in this software is possible due to Video-SL compatibility. Sets can be enhanced with Mixtape and Ableton Transport Control with the help of ‘The Bridge’.

With the help of Rane hardware and Serato Scratch Live choosing any mixer is possible. Standalone USB interfaces in this software is provided by Rane hardware. Either Rane SL2 or SL3 or SL4 can be selected.  Mixing and scratching of files can be done through the hard-disk of your PC by using USB controllers, CD or Serato Control Vinyl. Rane provides high quality mixers to this software and they are in-built in it.

Running The Application

Motion of record is tracked by the software due to a special control signal called as Serato NoiseMap. Serato Control Vinyl and Control CDs in Serato Scratch Live have Serato NoiseMap Control.

It is possible to get fast connectivity through this software by using USB controllers. In this software you get pre-mapped sliders, platters and buttons for plug and play connectivity. The display screen of this software provides information of all tracks.

I bought a full version of this software and the Fresher’s party rocked because of the music I made with the help of this incredible music software. Everyone praised me but no one knew that it was only due to Serato Scratch Live software I was able to do awesome mixing of songs with great ease.


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FL Studio For Intermediate Dubstep

In my huge amount of industry experience as a music producer I utilized many of the top music labels and because of it many music portals approach me to write reviews on all the latest music software’s which are in the market. I have made music by using many advanced music software’s and 2 days back I made music by using Signature Bundle, a new music software from FL Studio which was previously known as Fruity Loops.

Dubstep producer Skream is one of the artists who have made use of Fruity Loops to make incredible music. A user can choose FL Studio from 3 other options depending on his skill level. To create loop one can use Express edition and is this especially meant for beginners. A person with intermediate skill level can opt for Fruity edition which will help him to compose and arrange the music.

Great Features:

Those who want additional music production features should opt for Producer edition because it provides complete music production package. Signature Bundle edition of FL studio has many more plug-ins and has all the features of producer edition too hence it is much better then the other 3 editions. With the help of multiband maximizer and synthesizer present in Signature Bundle edition you can create incredible sound and work with a video soundtrack making application. There is also full sampler and guitar suite which helps in getting multiple sound effects.

With the Signature Bundle edition you will get unlimited updates which mean’s that you will get lifetime access to all future editions.

With this software you can produce incredible music with high quality sound. My work was appreciated by everyone but the fact is that this software produces incredible beats which is awesome. When you buy this software you get lifetime access to all the SoundFont libraries which are online. By using these libraries you can enhance the quality of sound while composing music.


There are many additional plug-ins’ which are provided for getting better sound output. With Signature Bundle edition of FL Studio you can record audio with the help of external media and you can also do direct recording on the disc.

Cue points are available in this software and finalizing your mixes/tracks can be done offline. So many awesome features in Signature Bundle edition helps’ you to compose mind-blowing beats. With many different features you can write the music and edit it in real time till you get it right. It also has vocoder and loop slicer. You can even re-arrange your composition with the help of a re-arranger.

With this dubstep software you can record the audio and edit it as well with the help of inbuilt editor and audio recorder. This music software provides unlimited chords due to piano roll and it also provides different length patterns. By using rewire system you can use this software with an instrument. Event automation information is available in pattern clips and also step-sequencer data can be found in it.

It was fantastic working with this software and I felt this software has remarkable interface and features which helped me to control the music during production. I thought it was quite user-friendly but if you have just got this software and have no knowledge about how to compose music than get yourself trained before using Signature Bundle edition.

There is a big history of Fruity Loops, so check out all the info on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FL_Studio or their official website at: http://flstudio.image-line.com


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Sick Turntables – ION USB

Do you need a turntable that offers high performance? Check out turntables manufactured by ION, they are simply the best you can get in their moderate price range.

ION USB turntable can be connected directly to a PC which helps a user to convert vinyl recordings in digital format with the help of two software’s supplied with the turntable for data conversion purpose. For Windows OS you get Vinyl / EZ Tape converter while for Mac OS you get audio converter with ION USB turntable for converting vinyl recordings into digital format and using the application, saving your music to your iTunes library is possible.

With ION USB turntable a complete user guide is supplied by the manufacturer so that a user can understand the installation process and can operate it with ease. Operating this turntable is very easy and it can be operated by anyone.

You can easily connect ION USB turntable by using the power cable provided with it. You can connect your home hi-fi system to the turntable with the help of RCA audio output cable supplied with it. You can transfer all the records from your ION USB turntable on the hard disk of your PC.

Phono and Line are the options available for connection with this turntable. For connecting the turntable to your home stereo you should use Phono option and to connect the turntable to AUX , CD and TAPE you should use Line option.
With ION USB turntable a USB cable is provided to connect it with a computer. There is also a power switch for turning the unit from off to on settings.

Under the platter there is a drive ring which has a motor drive-belt in ION USB turntable. Before operating the turntable you should fastened the platter to it. By using Go and Stop button you can start and stop the ION USB turntable motor
To the stereo line input you can connect any audio source or Tape player for sending signal from USB to the PC. First install phono cartridge for getting best quality sound before using stereo line input.

  • In ION USB turntable the platter is controlled by the RPM buttons.
  • There are 2 speeds at which the turntable platter can revolve and they are 33 and 45 rpm.
  • At these speeds you can record 78 rpm records. A red LED indicates the speed at which you are working.

It is important to have adequate pressure on the stylus so that it can be applied on the record. With the help of counterweight you can balance assembly of the primary cartrdige and head shell so that pressure on the stylus increases.
The inward tracking forces in the tone arm gets compensated due to anti-skate adjustment knob. At rest the tone arm is secure because of arm clip. During transportation the tone arm or turntable can get damaged hence it is essential to secure the head shell with an arm clip after removing it.

Due to aluminum tone arm lock nut the head shell and the cartridge assembly in this turntable remains attached to the tone arm rod. The cartridge can be mounted on the head shell and it can be easily replaced.

ION USB turntables possibly is the best available in the market. Globally, it is the best selling turntable with excellent customer feedback. Don’t wait, get this high performance turntable today


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